Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Only children and young people under age 16 years can now apply for this. Anyone still receiving this will be transitioning across to the new benefit Personal Independence Allowance (PIP). You’ll get a letter telling you when this will happen and how you can apply for PIP.

For those of you still on this benefit, here’s a quick recap of how it has been calculated: 

It’s paid regardless of whether you’re working or not and isn't means-tested.

It’s made up of two components:

  • Care component  

This is paid at one of three different rates - lowest, middle and highest - depending on how much extra care you need.

  • Mobility component

This is for those who need extra guidance or supervision out of doors. The higher rate is for those with severe walking difficulties.

Page last reviewed / updated: March 2021 
Next review due: March 2022