Financial Benefits

If your SMA has impacted on your mobility and support needs since childhood, you‘re likely to already be receiving some sort of financial benefit to assist with the costs of living with a disability. Or it could be that your SMA is starting to impact on your mobility and support needs now and this is new to you. Or you could be somewhere in between. To cover all possibilities, this section tells you about the main possible benefits and who is eligible for them along with suggestions about getting ready to apply for them and where to seek advice. 

Only children and young people under age 16 years can now apply for what was the main benefit for disabled people - Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Some of you may still be receiving this but will be transitioning across to the new benefit Personal Independence Allowance (PIP) and having to go through what all of this entails. Others of you will be receiving PIP already but may be facing a review of your circumstances. 

Another benefit some of you may be familiar with is Carer's Allowance. There are also other possible benefits, allowances and tax credits. 

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