Online & Other Communities

If you’re interested in having contact with other people with SMA:

Adults' Network
This Facebook group gives adults the chance to share questions and experiences on any part of life. Any topic can be suggested by group members. The group also has regular video calls. SMA UK may also ask the group for views on a topic:

Young Adults (aged 18-25) Network
From work placements to learning to drive, to thinking about Uni and moving away from home, these young people are willing to talk about their experiences with anyone embarking on these journeys and with parents who have questions or are also looking for tips and ideas.If you’re 18-25 and want to get involved, read on:

Other Online SMA Communities
These have been set up by people in the SMA Community:    

Muscle Groups
MDUK has a network of local groups, known as Muscle Groups, that meet regularly across the UK. They offer the opportunity to meet others who also know what it’s like to live with a muscle-wasting condition:

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