Posture, Movement & Exercise

As SMA causes muscles to get weaker, it affects posture and movement. How much weaker and what effect this has day-to-day is very individual and no two people are the same. The support and services people want and get can also vary greatly. Maybe you’ve experienced increasing muscle weakness since you were an infant. You possibly had quite a bit of physio and occupational therapy (OT) support in the past that’s tapered off and you may be wondering what the latest thinking is and whether you’re now getting all the support and advice you should be.

Or you could be someone whose muscle weakness started to impact on your life later in your teenage years. Perhaps you’ve just got on with it and haven’t had any particular guidance about your posture, movement and exercise. Maybe you haven’t seen a physio or OT for a long time but are now finding your mobility a bit more challenging day-to-day and are wondering if exercise or anything else could help. 

Or perhaps you’re someone whose SMA has been diagnosed in your adult years and whose muscle weakness is only now beginning to show. You may have had some advice and guidance, but you’re wondering if there’s anything you’re missing out on.

You're just as likely be someone in-between. 

Page last updated: July 2019