Technology For Independence At Home

When you’re thinking about adaptations to your current home or a new one, it’s worth looking into what technology options are possible. An Environmental Control System (ECS) may be a possible way of maintaining or increasing your ability to control your world. 

An ECS can include control of:  

  • lights
  • heating
  • electric profiling beds (if the existing controls are difficult to use)
  • computers
  • door openers
  • telephones
  • television
  • radio. 

Often an ECS can be controlled by only the smallest movement. It can also be set up for you to call for help. 

Your Local Authority and community OT can advise on working out the best equipment to meet your needs to control your home environment. As technology is constantly changing and developing, they’ll usually involve an Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) Service provider with in depth knowledge of latest developments to assess your needs and advise on what’s currently on the market. Between them they’ll advise you what funding might be available to help and how to apply.

In this short clip, Julian shares his experience of accessing tech equipment through his local authority:  

The full video - The Usefulness of Tech - was recorded in conversation between Julian and Emma in 2020 and can be viewed here:

Useful Home Tech


"Apart from a wheelchair, probably the thing I use the most around my house is my network of Intelligent Personal Assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices". 



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