Things To Think About For Any Holiday

  • Is where you’re going to stay accessible? As you may have already experienced, this doesn’t mean the same to everyone.
  • A  next to an apartment or house on a website is usually a good starting guide, but to be sure it will work for you, ask specifically about steps, gradients, widths of doorways into bedrooms and bathrooms, equipment available onsite - especially in the bathroom - and the accessibility of other facilities, e.g. dining rooms and bars, to make sure they’ll work for you
  • If you need specialised equipment, can it be hired, or will you need to bring it with you? e.g. a portable hoist
  • If you’re getting there by car are there suitable parking facilities? How close?
  • If you need accessible transport when you get there, what’s available? Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) can often be hired and many taxis are accessible – but it’s worth finding out before you go. 
  • What medical needs do you have? What services are available where you’re going? Have you got a copy of your Emergency Health Plan with details of any medications or treatments, and contact details for healthcare professionals supporting you? If you’re going abroad, do you need to take a translation with you? 

Page last updated: July 2019