Hobbies, Clubs and Sports

Most of the organisations listed in this section are national ones providing leisure activities for disabled children. They should be able to tell you about their clubs or activities that are local to you. This doesn’t mean your child can’t also access the local activities and clubs their peers go to. Many, such as school clubs, Brownies, Scouts, church and other youth groups, will be keen to be inclusive. Sometimes access can be a problem, but all sorts of barriers can be overcome with some creativity; talk to the organisers. SMA UK is always willing to talk through options and write supporting letters if this would be helpful for you.

Local Authorities (LAs) have a legal duty to provide services for disabled children under 'The Local Offer'. Each LA lists the services that are available in their region. It’s worth checking if there are any clubs or activities advertised in your Local Offer. Contact your LA directly. You can also try following this link on Sky Badger’s website: www.skybadger.co.uk/help/my-local-services/ Any will be keen to be inclusive.

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