Family Holidays

Your child’s SMA may well mean that planning a holiday is daunting. This section will hopefully help.

Things to think about:

  • Accessible accommodation - ask about steps, gradients, widths of doorways into bedrooms and bathrooms, equipment available onsite - especially in the bathroom - and the accessibility of other facilities, e.g. dining rooms and bars
  • If you need specialised equipment, can it be hired, or will you need to bring it with you e.g. a portable hoist
  • If you’re driving, are there suitable parking facilities?
  • If you aren’t taking your own vehicle and need accessible transport, what’s available? Can you hire Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) or taxis? 
  • What medical needs does your child have, including their Emergency Health Care Plan with details of any medications or treatments, and contact details for healthcare professionals supporting your child. What services are available? If you’re going abroad, do you need to take a translation with you? 

Page last updated: July 2019