Starting Primary School

Just as for any child, starting school and settling in is a big milestone both for your child and you. Your school will have carefully thought through settling in plans for all children. You should have had the opportunity to talk through any additional plans your child will need with your child’s teacher, the school SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and any Teaching Assistant(s) (TAs) who'll be providing support. For example, daily routines for toilet, break and lunch-times; support with lessons and activities; safely getting into school from the vehicle at the beginning and end of the day, who and how to contact if you have questions.

You may well find the school you have chosen has never heard of SMA. As well as telling them how it impacts on your child, you may find it helpful to point them to the information on our website (  

Talking to the other children
If your child uses equipment for their mobility or other health needs, other children who your child hasn’t met before may be curious. You may want to talk to the class teacher and SENCO in advance about how your child and you would like to manage this. You might find it helpful for someone to talk to the class about your child’s SMA and how they might be able to help, for example, by holding doors open and not pushing against each other.

You may find SMA UK’s books for children helpful in explaining some of these things. We are happy to provide your school with a free copy if you agree - find out more here:

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