Toys, Play & Activities for Babies and Young Children

Babies and children who have SMA are generally bright, alert and eager to engage with people. They want to play but their reduced muscle strength and movement can make this challenging for them. We hope that this section, made up of practical tips and suggestions for parents and carers (including ideas shared by parents of children who have SMA), will give you some ideas that you can use and enjoy with your child. It includes information about:

  • Safe and supportive play
  • Ideas for different ages and stages
  • Computers and assistive technology
  • Links to further resources, including where to get toys and more ideas

SMA UK provides free multisensory toy packs for infants up to 12 months of age who have been newly diagnosed with SMA. If your child is older, we may be able to help you access other suitable toys. For more information, please go to:

This whole section is put together in our booklet: 'Toys, Play & Activities for Babies and Young Children who have SMA', which you can download here or request a printed copy by emailing 

Page last updated: July 2019