Holidays in the UK

We asked:

  • for experiences of finding suitable holiday accommodation in the UK; accessible accommodation with, if possible, activities for children on site or nearby.
  • The area, town, holiday resort you visited 
  • The name / address /link of any suitable accommodation
  • Ideas for children’s activities / places to visit nearby

Parent of a young adult who has SMA Type 2

"We recently went to Pagham and stayed at Church Farm, in West Sussex which has an accessible pool changing rooms and hoist into water. I forgot  to pack the battery for my son's hoist and I was beside myself so we had to lift him which was hard on him and us so I rang the park receptionist to ask if they could help. They put me through to a local place called Mobility and Comfort in Bognor Regis who rented us a hoist for 4 days for £60. They were so helpful and understanding so may be helpful if anyone else gets stuck in this area."

Parent of a child who has SMA

"We always go to the Wild Duck holiday park which is Haven. We have a fully adapted caravan when we go but have to take your own hoist and toilet. They have activities on site which are mostly accessible, it’s a 10 min drive from Yarmouth. I would say all Haven have the same adapted caravan; it definitely did at the Seashore site which is in Yarmouth. Our daughter absolutely loves the Wild Duck holiday park." 

Parent of a child who has SMA

Here are a couple of accessible accommodations and places we have visited and found suitable for our family

- Annie’s Cabin - Ludlow, Shropshire
- Centre Parc Longleat - Wiltshire - Accessible cabin, accessible pool with hoist
- Calvert Trust - Devon near Barnstaple, activities on site