Support From Disability-Related Organisations

SMA UK - the support services team can provide families with emotional support through email or phone contact or a home visit from an outreach worker: or phone: 01789 267 520                             

Contact for Families with Disabled Children - provides information and support: or phone: 0808 808 3555

Home Start – depending on services in your area, volunteers may be able to offer friendship and practical help to families going through difficult times and those affected by disability. Parents can refer themselves for services or a referral can be made through a midwife, GP, social worker or health visitor. or phone: 0116 464 5490

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity - provides emotional and practical support to families who have a seriously ill child. To find out whether services are available in your area: or phone: 01372 363 438

Together for Short Lives - offers information and support to families who have a child with a life-limiting condition.        or phone: 0800 808 8100

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