Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

People who have long term ill-health or disability costs can apply for a Personal Independence Payment or PIP. The amount someone gets depends on how their condition affects them, not the condition itself. It's not means-tested, so it doesn't matter how much income or savings people have. PIP's usually paid every 4 weeks, it’s tax free and people can get it whether they’re in or out of work. If their claim is agreed, the letter they get tells them when it will be next reviewed. 

If you’re new to this and going to apply, you need to get across a detailed picture of your situation. It needs a lot of careful thought and planning so you may want to start thinking about it in good time. 

This section tells you about the system in England, Scotland and Wales.

If you live in Northern Ireland, please go here: 
You may still find the section on Getting Ready helpful (see below).  

Watch this 5-minute video of Jasmine sharing some of her recommendations and tips on applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP)! 

Recorded September 2021

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