Living With SMA - Community Chat

Different hosts from across the SMA Community come together to answer your questions, provide useful tips and recommendations and also share their personal experiences on all things 'living with SMA'.

They cover various different topics from 'Preparing for University' and 'Getting the Most from your Personal Budget', to 'Workplace Skills' and lots more: 

Sex & Relationships
SMA UK hosts Josh Wintersgill, Martyn Sibley and Molly Carnan discuss sex and relationships:

The Usefulness of Tech
SMA UK hosts Emma Vogelmann and Julian Fiorentini discuss all things tech-related:

PARENTS! Ask us anything
SMA UK hosts Josh Wintersgill and Jordanne Wozencroft, two young adults who have SMA, answer your questions and share their experiences of growing up and living with SMA:

Having SMA and Becoming a Parent
SMA UK hosts Becca Torricelli, Molly Carnan and Julian Fiorentini talk about disability and parenting, sharing their own stories:

Getting the Most from your Personal Budget
SMA UK hosts Emma Vogelmann, Becca Torricelli and Jack Hassan give you an insight in to how they manage their budgets and offer some helpful advice on personal health budgets and personal budgets for social care:

Workplace Skills
SMA UK hosts Emma Vogelmann and Jack Hassan lead our first 'Living With SMA' discussion around Workplace Skills. Emma and Jack discuss moving to self-employment, graduate schemes, finding accommodation, working from home, the impact of COVID-19 and much more...

Preparing for University
SMA UK hosts Josh Wintersgill, Emma Vogelmann and Becca Torricelli talk about Preparing for University. Some of the areas we cover in this episode include:

- How we picked the right university
- Accomodation and care
- The pros and cons of living at university vs commuting
- Disability Students Allowance
‚Äč- General experience of being a disabled student

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