Who's Who of Professionals

If you or your child have had a diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), whatever its impact, the International Standards of Care for SMA (SoC) recommend that overall care should be guided by a specialist neuromuscular clinic and other relevant specialists. Chapter 2 of the SoC discusses the support and care you may need and the which health specialists you may see. Who you actually see and what services can be provided will depend on your individual circumstances. Over time you're likely to come into contact not only with health professionals but also those from education and social care. If you have any queries about who you or your child should be seeing then please speak to your medical team. 

We have listed here, in alphabetical order, the different professionals and teams you might meet, with a brief description of what they do. You won’t necessarily need to see all of them.

Page last updated: July 2019