Health Continuing Care Packages For Children With Complex Needs

This care is the responsibility of your local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

If you consider your child has complex health needs, talk to a health professional (specialist nurse), who can, if appropriate, support you to request a continuing care assessment for your child. This assessment will look at all your child’s needs and the support you need to care for them. 

A health assessor collects evidence of both your child’s met and unmet needs, drawing on the advice of the health and care professionals who are supporting your child. They have to judge what care your child needs that's over and above what would be expected for a child of the same age and stage of development. As part of this they'll ask you and your child for your views on care and support and any preferences you have. They use what's called a Children’s Decision Support Tool which sets out ten ‘care domains’:

  • breathing
  • eating and drinking
  • mobility
  • continence and elimination
  • skin and tissue viability
  • communication
  • drug therapies and medicines
  • psychological and emotional needs
  • seizures
  • challenging behaviour

The ‘tool’ covers all aspects of your child’s life including sections on home life and their education. The assessment should always describe everything of relevance. You can see a copy of the Children’s Decision Support Tool form in the link at the bottom of the tab below if you open it – you don’t need to fill in this form, but it will give you an idea of what information's covered.

The health assessor then makes a case to a panel of experts who decide, based on the evidence and the recommendation, if your child has a continuing care need.

Page last reviewed /updated: February 2021
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