Taking Your Wheelchair

If you use a powered wheelchair (and taking a back-up wheelchair either isn’t possible or not what you want to do) you might be wise to have your wheelchair checked before you go anywhere, to minimise the risk of a breakdown. 

If you’re travelling within the UK and your NHS wheelchair breaks down, the local wheelchair service repairs may be able to help.

If you’re going overseas:

  • Remember to take the battery charger plus an adapter suitable for the country you’re going to. If the voltage is different, you may also need a voltage changer – check with the wheelchair manual or ask your supplier / manufacturer. 
  • Find out in advance if there is anywhere to get the wheelchair serviced should something happen during the trip. 

If you’re travelling by air:

  • Check with the airline about travelling with your wheelchair. See if travel or home insurance covers the wheelchair or any other equipment being taken on holiday - please see the Insurance section. You can also find important information on travelling by plane in the Planes section of Transport & Getting Around.

Page last updated: July 2019