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Support and Outreach

Though we hope our website has answered a lot of your questions, there’s nothing quite like being able to talk things through with someone. Here at SMA UK, we’re a small team who’ve been supporting children who have SMA and their families for many years. Though we don’t provide a medical service or medical advice (which must come from your child’s medical team) we can provide emotional support, practical advice and guidance by phone, email, text or an outreach home visit* whenever needed. We cover the whole of the UK.

* Please note that as of March 2020, due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made the decision to not carry out any home visits until further notice. We are, however, able to offer Zoom video calls and our email, phone and text services remain as usual.

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Connect With Others Affected By SMA

It can be supportive to hear how other families have done things and to be in touch with other parents. Here are a few ways you can make contact with others:

Multisensory Toy Packs

Available free of charge in the UK, these are suitable for infants up to 12 months of age and include items that provide visual, tactile and auditory stimulation. They've been designed to offer entertainment during the day, fun at bath time and comfort at bedtime. 

If your child is older, we may be able to help you access other suitable toys.

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Children's Books

We have three children's books which may be of interest; they can be used to help explain SMA to affected children, siblings, friends and at school.

Each family affected by SMA, living in the UK, can request a free copy. Further copies can be ordered from our online shop.

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