Clubs, Sports & Other Activities

If you already have a lot going on, what with homework and keeping up with family and friends, you may not have a lot of spare time. If you are, though, looking for something else to interest you, you might like to browse through here. You might know about many of the possibilities, but there may be something that’s new to you. Most of the organisations listed are national ones which provide leisure activities for young disabled people. They should be able to tell you about their clubs or activities that are local to you. 

Also, you may be interested in - or already be involved with - local groups like Scouts, Guides, other school-based and youth groups. When clubs aren’t specifically set up for people with disabilities, access can sometimes present a problem; for example because the room is up steps or the toilet isn’t suitable. If there’s something you’d like to join but you can see there might be an issue, talk to your parents, teachers or the organisers to help get this sorted; all sorts of barriers can be overcome with some creativity. SMA UK is always willing to talk through options and write support letters if this would be helpful for you.

Local Authorities (LAs) have a legal duty to provide services for disabled children and teenagers under what’s called 'The Local Offer'. On their website, each LA lists the services that are available in their region. It’s worth checking if there are any clubs or activities that appeal to you advertised in your Local Offer. Contact your LA directly. You can also try following this link on Sky Badger’s website:

Page last updated: July 2019