Friendships & Relationships

Like everyone, you probably have your ups and downs with your parents (and siblings, if you have them). One minute you’re the best of mates, the next they’re driving you nuts. Some of you may be dealing with particular difficulties in your family – perhaps your mum and dad aren't getting on or they’ve already split up and you’re not keen on the arrangements you have for keeping in touch with both of them. You may have an older or younger sibling who’s dealing with their own issues and being challenging at home. 

Friendships too can be a bit of a rollercoaster for anyone and can chop and change. You may have different interests now; you may be in different classes; some friends may be totally focused on who fancies who, dating and pairing up, while others aren’t in the least bit interested. Maybe you just get on with anyone and none of this bothers you or maybe these changes are hurtful, and you get to feel really let down.

Teenage years are hard at the best of times, not least because apart from all these things happening outside, you’re also dealing with hormone changes which affect your mood - plus you’re dealing with SMA and whatever impact this is having on you, on top of this. Many people find that they often feel tensed up, grumpy and irritable, but one key thing (agreed with by many who've been there and done that) is to try not to let things bottle up inside while pretending everything's fine; letting it out to someone you trust can help you manage your feelings and help build stronger and better relationships with your family and friends.

If you’re struggling in any way at all, try talking to your parents, a teacher or friend. You may find both / either of these websites worth a look:

You may also find the section on Emotional & Psychological Support worth a look.

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