Looking Good

A daily chore you hate or something you love? There’s no end of advice out there on skin care, hair care, fashion, make-up, latest looks; you name it, someone’s on YouTube or a blog telling you what they think and giving you ideas to try. We’re not out to compete or tell you ‘don’t go there’; we want this section to have tips and advice from people who do like fashion and who aren’t going to let muscle weakness or wheelchairs get in the way. So, if you have found it challenging to find fashionable clothes or footwear that work for you, or struggled to put on make-up, please share your questions. And if you’ve found solutions that work for you, please share your tips, advice and photos.

If you’re looking for practical options for clothing, there are some suppliers listed in this section: Washing, Dressing, Clothing & Using The Loo.

Page last reviewed / updated: October 2021
Next review due: October 2022