You may be reading this because until now you’ve been able to walk without needing much support, but things have changed for you because of your muscle weakness. Maybe you’re having trouble with your balance or you’re getting very tired with the effort it takes for you to walk, which is making it really hard to keep up and join in and do the things you enjoy. Or maybe you’re not able to walk now but you do want to stand and get around as much as possible. You might be a powerchair user but you need a ‘back-up’ for when it’s being serviced or not convenient to use it. Whatever the reason, if you aren’t being seen regularly by an OT or physio, talk to your parents about contacting your GP or neuromuscular consultant, explaining what’s going on and asking them for a referral to one who you can ask for help and advice. 

This section looks at a variety of options, not all of which will be right for you, but it will hopefully give you some ideas about what’s available to help.

Page last reviewed / updated: April 2021
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