Posture, Movement & Exercise

Because SMA causes your muscles to get weaker, it affects your posture (the way you hold your body) and movement. How much weaker - and what effect this has day to day is very individual - no two people are the same. Maybe you’ve had a lot of difficulties with your posture and movement since you were very young. You may have equipment that helps you lie down comfortably or, if you can, sit or stand in the best position you can manage.  You may be used to seeing a physio or occupational therapist (OT) who’s given you lots of advice about exercises (and you may not be that keen on some of them!).  Or, maybe you’re someone who can walk, but you’re having some difficulties getting upstairs and you’re finding you’re sometimes a bit wobbly when you first stand up. You could just as likely be someone in between. 

Page last updated: July 2019