Health & Social Care

Many of you will be used to the system that gets you and your family the additional support you all need because of the impact of your SMA - at home, at school and when you're out and about. For some of you, though, this may not be so familiar and you’re only just starting to need extra support.

This section gives you a quick run-down of how the health and social care side of things works up until you’re age 18, so although the words 'child' and 'children' come up quite a lot, it does mean teenagers as well. We’ve covered the education bit here. You may not come across, need or be eligible for all of this support, but at least you’ll know about the range of possibilities. It may also be of interest to those of you who are already in this system and perhaps now want to know a bit more about what all those reports and meetings that your parents and you've been involved with over the years have been all about.

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